The VW T1 - called: Bulli - Samba-Version

VW T1 Bulli Samba - der Retro-Bus in Budapest
On 8 March, 1950 – based on the concept of Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon – the first series of Transporters rolled down the assembly line: the Volkswagen T1! The range of use was the inspiration for the name: VW Transporter. With this branding a real jack-of-all-trades started its career.

The Volkswagen T1 was the forerunner of a new vehicle-type, the minibus or passenger van, and is still its most prominent representative. Until 1967, T1 was produced in a lot of different versions, resulting in a total of 1.82 million Volkswagen Transporters. Production began in Wolfsburg and was moved to Hanover in March 1956.

The key for the success of the T1, also called the VW Bus, was in the countless versions and the concept itself: forward control drive with optimal space efficiency, rear engine with great traction properties in rain, snow, ice, sand and, of course, on paved roads. This was as unique as the air-cooled four-cylinder boxer engine. On top of that, Volkswagen Transporter T1 had a divided windshield, a so-called split window.


Our Samba van was produced in 1961 in Hanover, its first destination was Landshut. We bought it in an almost hopeless condition in 1997 in Hungary. Its revival took 3 years. It is in active use (definitely not an exhibition car), in the summer we like to make small trips: in 2015 it successfully completed a 4,300 km circle of Budapest - Saint Tropez - Geneva - Budapest.

It is a lot of fun to ride this bus – people on the streets stop to admire Samba or even wave at it. You can see everything from the bus: you are provided a high seat position, an all-round view through the windows and due to the retractable folding roof, a view of the sky...

Join us for an unforgettable tour with our Samba-Bulli in Budapest >>>